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The Past Six Years

I can’t believe it’s been six years since the doors to the first House of Three opened. My hope was to provide a living option for seniors to enjoy other than the traditional long-term and in-home care. Today, I feel confident we have been successful in carrying out our mission.

After only working with our first three residents for a month, I knew this was the type of environment I wanted to work in for the rest of my career. I kicked myself for not doing it earlier!

With House of Three living, I have found that families are more content and appreciative. Residents seem more comfortable and relaxed, because they are in a true home and not in an institution posing as a home.

Sometimes, I can hardly believe that in six short years House of Three has grown from one to thirteen homes statewide. It is truly an exciting time to be taking care of our elderly population. Through this work, God has blessed me in so many rewarding ways.

The other day, I was visiting with a family member of one of our residents. She was telling me how happy her family was to have found House of Three. She said, “I wish there were more people that could offer your services.” I told her that I would like to be able to assist more people as well, but I am unable to help all who would like the House of Three environment.

She agreed with me and then recounted the familiar story of the boy who was walking down the beach one day throwing starfish back into the ocean at low tide. An old man came up to him and said, “Son, you’ll never be able to help all those starfish.” The boy bent down and picked up another starfish. He then said, “Maybe not, but I can help this one.” Then he threw the starfish back into the safety of the ocean.

I believe it’s the same way at House of Three. We cannot help every family in the state, but we would certainly like to try and help yours.

Koy Butler

House of Three I 501.804.6354

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