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My House of Three Moment: Emily Lawson

In the community of Sheridan, Arkansas, there is a bustling, young, motivated thirty-three-year-old woman by the name of Emily Lawson. Sleep is a word that is probably not in her vocabulary. If you don’t know Emily, by the end of this post we hope you learn a little more about our youngest facilitator at House of Three.

Emily grew up 16 miles away from Sheridan in the little town of Leola. She attended college at Henderson State University and received her degree in Marketing. She furthered her education and earned her Masters in Business.

Emily worked for a couple of different companies before the House of Three opportunity came across her path. Her brother, Leigh Lawson, and sister-in-law, Courtney, met Koy in 2016. Courtney is a registered nurse and she and Leigh were looking into taking care of the elderly somehow. Leigh and Courtney opened House of Three in Sheridan in September 2016. Six months later they asked Emily to take over the home. If there is a need, Emily would love to open another home in Sheridan and possibly expand into the Benton area. 

Even though Emily has been through a lot of schooling, she knew it would be a good thing to get her certified nurse assistant license. “Since I manage CNA’s, I wanted to get certified,” Emily said. To get your license, one has to attend three weeks of class and then work in nursing homes for clinicals. She finishes this week!

House of Three Sheridan is a family business. Emily’s mom, Sandy Lawson, is the house manager and helps with day-to-day tasks. Emily’s dad, Terry, comes by after work and helps with whatever needs to be done. He recently built some brand-new shelves for the home. 

Each home has their own special stories. One of Sheridan’s first residents, Ms. Needra, had one special wish before she passed. She deeply wanted to attend her granddaughter’s wedding in Pine Bluff. Emily, Sandy and Ms. Needra’s family went with her as her date and caregivers. She passed one year after the wedding. When asked, “Emily, what’s one of your House of Three moments?”, she will tell you it was something Ms. Needra, at ninety, said when she was on her deathbed. She said, “Don’t wait around and not do things. Do all the things you want to do.” We can all take that advice to heart. 

Another resident in Sheridan was fifty-nine-year-old Mike. For the duration of his time at House of Three, Mike would keep Emily company while she ran errands. Weekly, they frequented the pharmacy and Walmart. He was around her father’s age and they would talk about everything under the sun. Emily recalls very special conversations they shared. Mike is missed very much. 

Mike proved to be a true gentleman with the other two residents that lived with him. Ms. Needra and Ms. Julia were two ninety-year-old ladies and, due to their aging bodies, needed more assistance. Mike was about thirty years younger so he stepped up and helped take care of their needs, such as putting their clothing protectors on before meals and pushing their chairs up to the table. Even though there was a large span between their ages, all three were the best of friends. 

When Emily is not working around the clock at House of Three, she enjoys working with 8th grade girls at The Church at Rock Creek in Little Rock, traveling and foster care. The girls that are now in 8th grade have been with Emily for two years now. She moves up with them as they grow. All of the leaders are really close, too. They go camping, or glamping, once or twice a year. Air mattresses are a must for these ladies!

Each year Emily and her friend, Sara, go on an adventure together. Sometimes they go to different places and sometimes they like to revisit places that are familiar and cozy. She has been to Ireland, Jamaica, a cruise to Belize, and Mexico. 

A new endeavor Emily has taken on is emergency foster care. She is available for kids that do not have a place to go in the middle of the night. Just this week she got a call for two kids to come to her house. They didn’t get to sleep until midnight and then had to get up and go to school the next morning. 

It is evident Emily has a heart of gold and will go the extra mile for others. Next time you’re in Sheridan, stop by and say “hi” to Emily. You will be welcomed by her, or a caregiver and this lovely House of Three doormat she recently had made. 

As always, if you are reading this and have a special person in your life that may be at the point of needing care, feel free to reach out to any facilitator close to their city. We are in Northwest Arkansas, Hot Springs, Little Rock and, of course, Sheridan. Visit us for more information at and follow us on Facebook! House of Three is the family solution to long-term care. 

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