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Evelyn Tate, caregiver at House of Three

Since House of Three began, Evelyn Tate has been part of the team. This month marks six years of being a caregiver in one of the Little Rock homes.

Evelyn was born and raised in the duck capital of the world, Stuttgart, AR (not only does it have plenty of ducks, but it certainly has its fair share of mosquitoes!). She graduated from Stuttgart High School in 1971 and later pursued a degree in nursing. She graduated from nursing school in 1974 from what is now SEARK College in Pine Bluff.

After graduation, Evelyn started her nursing career at Baptist Medical Center in Little Rock. She did one year of hospital work, particularly enjoying geriatrics. Over the next 40 years, she dedicated her time to geriatrics because as she put it, “I just love the elderly.” After 40 years, her time to retire as an LPN arrived and she hung her stethoscope up for what she thought was the last time.

Little did she know that around this time, Koy Butler had been talking to a social worker that also knew Evelyn. He needed someone loving and caring to be a part of House of Three. The social worker said to Koy, “Based on what you want and what you need, I know the girl for you.”

“In nursing homes, nurses do not truly get to participate in bedside nursing. The CNAs do that. Yes, you are needed if something is wrong with the patient, but I wanted something more personal,” said Evelyn. “At House of Three, I get the opportunity every day to do everything ‘hands-on’ with our residents. Our three individuals get personalized care because there are only three and I can give them everything they need.” All of this is what really interested Evelyn in the concept of House of Three. So, she decided to step into being semi-retired and get back to work.

“I appreciate Evelyn’s expertise and the fabulous care she gives to so many within our House of Three family,” said Koy Butler.

House of Three has provided fulfillment in Evelyn’s life that has been a great addition to the joy she experiences with her family.  She has four children, one of whom is deceased, nine grandchildren and seven great-grandchildren. All of her relatives live close except for just a couple. One great-grandson lives in South Carolina and one granddaughter lives in Ohio. Her granddaughter, Essence, has lived with her since she was a little girl.

Today you can see the influence Evelyn has had on Essence during her upbringing. Evelyn graduated from nursing school at the age of 20, while Essence graduated from nursing school at the age of 21. Caring for others in their hardest times are what these women were born to do!

Outside of House of Three, Evelyn enjoys reading romantic magazines, antique shopping, being with her grandkids and traveling to Branson. About three months ago, Evelyn and some of the other House of Three caregivers traveled to Branson to see the famous show, Samson. She loved it so much that two weeks ago she and Essence traveled together to see the same show. Evelyn has an upcoming trip this summer to Miami with her kids and grandkids to celebrate her 66th birthday.

When Evelyn talks about her greatest accomplishments she quickly says it’s her children and grandchildren. She follows with how happy she is that Essence is “carrying the nursing torch” for her. In Evelyn’s final thoughts she says, “I am happy I have been given the chance to experience the work of House of Three. I always wanted to be a hands-on bedside nurse; right there with the patients. I know I have made a difference in my work in the past, but there is something so rewarding about what I do on a daily basis at House of Three. To me, patients are like family. With the home holding only three residents, I really get attached to them and their families.”

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