My House of Three Moment: Michael Smedley

Michael Smedley was very familiar with his daily work routine. Thirty years with the same company will definitely do that to someone. While he enjoyed the work at State Farm and the people whom he describes as “pillars in their community” and “somebody everybody knows”, Michael felt like he was checking boxes most days. After […]

Meet Susan.

Let me introduce you to a phenomenal woman who lives in our Rogers, AR House of Three, facilitated by Shane and Jennifer Edwards. At seventy-years-old, Susan Hazard is an inspiration every day to people around her as she navigates through life with no arms or legs. Let’s go back to Derby, NY, a small town […]

Welcome to House of Three.

House of Three is a more personalized alternative to nursing homes, assisted living and home-based care. Staffed with attentive caregivers and set within neighborhoods, our homes are specifically designed to meet the needs of seniors during their advanced years.  Partnering with House of Three is a sound placement that can serve your loved one through […]

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